Barnabas This presents strategic partnership with other like-visioned charity organizations/religious bodies that are in dire need to carry out the objects of their creation. As help to helper, Barnabas renders administrative, managerial technical and financial assistance to religious and/or charity organizations with the same goals and objectives ensuring that the purpose of their creation is not defeated.

  • To establish partnership with charity organizations in executing projects of common interest.
  • To render administrative, managerial, technical and financial support to other charity organization on the verge of winding up or being dissolved due to management/financial issues.

We currently maintain a monthly partnership with other charity organizations;

  • Heritage homes orphanage
  • Light of Hope
  • Peculiar saints Orphanage
  • Sowers
  • Light  for the lost orphanage home 
  • Youth Network for Change (YNC)

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Our work takes us into the heart of communities, streets, slums, orphanage homes, old people’s homes, etc, where we render assistance devoid of any social, ethnic, political or religious inclinations.

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TIWI is committed to serving people of diverse cultural, spiritual and economic strata, striving to meet their emotional, spiritual and material needs. Our passion is to impact and create lasting changes in the lives

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Beyond Financial donations, TIWI envisages a platform in which companies can initiate or participate In community development programs, such that will lead to job creation, improved standard of living, 

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