Lifted Seeks to create real life stories of transformation. The focus is to reform and rehabilitate victims of social neglect into a people of substance and value.



  • To reform victims of social neglect.
  • To empower the displaced in the society with skills for economic independence.


The scope of this cyclic process includes:

Retrieval: under the retrieval, the target is to take people off the streets, brothels, slum, shacks and under the bridges into a much comfortable accommodation.


Reform/Renewal: the aim is to provide re-orientation programmes for the individuals reyrieval in order to reposition them for greater value to themselves and to the society a large. It is true that breaking through the rank of poverty is only possible with a positive mindset that identifies opportunities as well as having the right motivation to achieve greatness.


Empowerment: skill, vocations and otherwise will be taught at this stage to the individuals enrolled to translate them into value creators rather than liabilities to the society. Sufficient training on entrepreneurship, financial management, self development, social interactive health and hygiene will be provided.


Mentoring/Monitoring: Trainees enrolled under the empowerment scheme having acquired the requisite skills will be mentored/monitored until they possess the capacity and competence to mentor others.


The principle behind LIFTED is a strong belief in the ability of humans to become heroes from zeroes when given the proper tool and support.


Arms Under Lifted

  • Adult education and scholarship
  • Skill acquisition