Lifted Seeks to create real life stories of transformation. The focus is to reform and rehabilitate victims of social neglect into a people of substance and value.

The scope of this cyclic process includes:

Retrieval: under the retrieval, the target is to take people off the streets, brothels, slums, shacks, and under the bridges into a much comfortable accommodation.

Reform/Renewal: the aim is to provide re-orientation programmes for the individual’s retrieval in order to reposition them for greater value to themselves and to society a large. It is true that breaking through the rank of poverty is only possible with a positive mindset that identifies opportunities as well as having the right motivation to achieve greatness.

Empowerment: Skills, vocations, and otherwise will be taught at this stage to the individuals enrolled to translate them into value creators rather than liabilities to society. Sufficient training on entrepreneurship, financial management, self-development, social interactive health, and hygiene will be provided.

Mentoring/Monitoring: Trainees enrolled under the empowerment scheme having acquired the requisite skills will be mentored/monitored until they possess the capacity and competence to mentor others.

The principle behind LIFTED is a strong belief in the ability of humans to become heroes from zeroes when given the proper tools and support.


  • To reform victims of social neglect.
  • To empower the displaced in the society with skills for economic independence.


 Adult education  and  scholarship

Formal education is an integral part of self-development. under this arm, financial support is provided for young minds that have dropped out of school due to lack of sponsorship and/or funds essentially to forward their education, under our adult education scheme, professional tutors are engaged to implement a special syllabus in favour of our beneficiaries. the curriculum is structured to provide the basic knowledge required for human relations, personal development, entrepreneurship, and business management.

 Skill Acquisition

Young minds empowered with the necessary skill & right dose of self-confidence can do exploit in any given endeavor. in light of the above, skill acquisition programs such as bead-making, tie and dye, furniture making, fashion designing, soap making, etc. Are provided in favor of individuals enrolled under this scheme. also, we are in partnership with other skill acquisition centers in furtherance of our objective to empower our beneficiaries with whatever vocational skill, they are passionate about.

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Our work takes us into the heart of communities, streets, slums, orphanage homes, old people’s homes, etc, where we render assistance devoid of any social, ethnic, political or religious inclinations.

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TIWI is committed to serving people of diverse cultural, spiritual and economic strata, striving to meet their emotional, spiritual and material needs. Our passion is to impact and create lasting changes in the lives

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Beyond Financial donations, TIWI envisages a platform in which companies can initiate or participate In community development programs, such that will lead to job creation, improved standard of living, 

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