Pacts For Israel


Securing preservation of the Jewish seed.


Participating at all fronts for Jewish lives.


Love Jesus, love Jews.


1. Philanthropic gestures around destitute children.

2. Support programs for the elderly who require special care.

3. Partnership programs for Jews who seek to return to their homeland in Israel.

4. Securing of second Citizenship for Jewish people in African nations through PACTS for preservation in times of Jewish massacre in the last days.

5. Revelation of Jesus as the long-awaited Messiah of the Jews

Our Journey


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Our work takes us into the heart of communities, streets, slums, orphanage homes, old people’s homes, etc, where we render assistance devoid of any social, ethnic, political or religious inclinations.

Tiwi Arms

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TIWI is committed to serving people of diverse cultural, spiritual and economic strata, striving to meet their emotional, spiritual and material needs. Our passion is to impact and create lasting changes in the lives

partners & Volunteers

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Beyond Financial donations, TIWI envisages a platform in which companies can initiate or participate In community development programs, such that will lead to job creation, improved standard of living, 

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