Gives opportunity to any indivivdual who has passion for the needy.

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To Become a Partner

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Tiwi partnership plan

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One-Off Partnership

Under this form of partnership, partners can identify specific projects of their interests and make donations either wholly or in part to sponsor such identified projects

Monthly Partnership

This entails partnering with TIWI on a monthly basis specifying a particular amount for projects being executed by TIWI.

Quarterly Partnership

This creates a platform where individuals and cooperate organizations can partner with TIWI with a specific sum on a quarterly basis.

Group Project Partnership

This project targets a group of physically challenged persons or destitute. Interested partners can sponsor any choice of TIWI invention to a specified group. E.g., the physically challenged, abandoned kids, widows, etc

Individual Project

This calls for partners that want to sponsor at least one person through a ‘lifted’ project. This has to do with identifying an individual that has been picked up from the street and helping the person through skill acquisition training and leading to the establishment of that individual.

Targeded Partnership

This partnership gives an opportunity for one to partner with the specific category he/she prefers to. This is also open to individuals and cooperate organization.

Thank you!

TIWI is committed to serving people of diverse cultural, spiritual and economic strata, striving to meet their emotional, spiritual and material needs. Our passion is to impact and create lasting changes in the lives

We appreciate your support.