<strong>Trusted Friends</strong>

Trusted Friends

Trusted Friends death is inevitable and its occurrence brings about untold hardship for dependents that rely on the deceased for survival. Likewise, sudden loss of job, fire outbreak/natural disasters also has adverse effects on their victims.


  • To provide support to individuals who are victims of sudden mishaps, by helping them find their feet.


Arms Under Trusted Friends
  • Academic Grant: this grant makes available for people with no sponsor to commence and/or further their education due to the death of their sponsors as well as people frustrated with their academics as a result of lack of funds to forge ahead.
  • Accommodation Grant: this caters for people displaced from their houses due to natural disaster, fire outbreaks, and non-payment of accumulated rents.
  • Business Boost: it caters for passionate and dedicated entrepreneurs who desire capital to either start, re-start or expand their businesses.
  • Medical Aids: it caters for people with medical challenges with little or no ability to pay or continue payment of their medical bills.
  • Welfare: this takes care of people who critically need welfare in areas of feeding and well being especially because they are going through a temporarily challenging situation pending when they are able to effectively handle such challenges.